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MEICO has the most exciting products to have hit the healthcare market in recent times. The product has a unique superior combination of herbs and balance of macronutrients: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates; micronutrients: vitamins and minerals; phytonutrients; antioxidants and polyphenols, that promises to bring about dramatic and positive changes to your overall health profile, irrespective of your age group. Even if you are suffering from any ailments, you are free to use this product, as it is derived from natural resources and is free from toxins. Results are likely to be noticed within a few days of regular use,

MY Exponent International – Meico Company is committed to fostering a professional and responsible networking profession. The following Code of Ethics sets forth fair and ethical principles and practices guiding our profession. Meico Company, networkers & professionals agree to adhere to these ethics in the conduct of their business and thus join us in representing our profession as one committed to honesty, integrity and opportunity for all.

Represent your-self, our company, our products, and our services truthfully and with integrity. Carefully consider the prospects’ best interests. Never encourage prospects to purchase products or make commitments that you believe might have an adverse effect on their health or financial stability. Truthfully identify yourself, our company (Meico Company), our products and the purposes of your solicitation to any prospective customer or guest. Answer questions directly and honestly. Represent only realistic income projections that are in alignment with your company’s reported sales, profits, and individual average earnings.
Tell prospects & guests that their financial results will be directly related to their marketing and leadership skills, and their own personal efforts – not a “get rich quick” opportunity. Give information to other networkers, not advice.
Support our networking activities by never discrediting any networking company or associate. Support and encourage other Meico Company networkers to be successful in the company they are in versus luring them into other companies. Never knowingly initiate recruitment of an active associate from another company or from another line of sponsorship within your own company. (An associate may contact you initially and then you may provide information related to their request. Should they decide to move their position to your organization, confirm that all required requests and notifications necessary or ethically desired within their organization have been completed.) Not engage in illegal pyramid or endless chain schemes, the use of spamming via the internet, sending unsolicited fax materials, or ambush marketing meetings& other illegal activities.
Represent the benefits of Meico Company products only as suggested in our company’s marketing materials and our personal experiences.
Maintain the standards needed for a professional Meico Company networker.
Be a leader and build high integrity organization.